A Little Video for Everyone with the Release of New iPod nano

Sep 4, 2008 by

A new iPod nano was released at “The Beat Goes On”, Apple’s special media event held in San Francisco last September 5, 2007. One of the major features of this new iPod is its bright 2 inch screen that now displays video, allowing you to watch up to 5 hours of movies, TV shows, music videos, and podcasts in the palm of your hand.

It comes with an enhanced user interface that features a split screen with menu items displayed on the left side and an image preview of the current highlighted selection floating on the right side of the screen. In addition to this, the new iPod nano also includes Cover Flow. Cover Flow lets you browse and flip through your iPod’s music library via album cover artwork, similar to what was introduced in the iPhone as well as version 7 of iTunes which was released last year. Cover Flow allows you to span your library with a single unbroken finger movement, adding a 3D effect to the overall interface.

Another feature of the new iPod nano is games. Yes, you can now play games with quality graphics using your iPod. It comes bundled with three free games: Vortex, which is three- dimensional, circular, brick blasting game similar to classics such as Breakout and Arkanoid; Klondike, which is basically a solitaire card game; and iQuiz which is a “guess what song this is” game. In addition to these in-house games developed by Apple, a growing list of others can be purchased online via the Apple store. Some other games available for the new iPod include: Sudoku, Tetris, Pac-Man, Bejeweled, Mini Golf, The Sims Bowling, and Texas Hold ‘em, and Lost.

In terms of size, the new iPod nano is wafer-thin and very sleek. It is wider and shorter than the previous nano, and boasts of a full metal design and a chrome backside. It is available in the following colors: silver, light blue, teal and green, as well as a special limited edition in red. Every purchase of this limited edition iPod contributes a donation of $10 to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

The new iPod nano provides 24 hours of audio playback and 5 hours of video playback. It is available in two models: a 4GB model with silver as the available color and an 8GB model that is available in all five colors. The 4GB model sells for $149 while the 8GB model sells for $199. Both of these models are compatible with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit that allows you to measure your running activity by synching a sensor placed in your shoe with your iPod.

This marvelous release is sure to create waves especially since the holidays are just around the corner. Due to its affordable price and all the functionalities packed into its little body, this new iPod is a sure winner. Containing a fuse of music, video, photos and games, the new iPod nano definitely gives customers a great deal for their money.

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